Reader-Submitted Review: Dante’s Dance: All for an Amen by by Chris Meehan and Jackie Venegas

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For people who care about a complete history of the Christian Reformed Church, Dante Venegas is an important person to know. Chris Meehan and Jackie Venegas have given us a rousing story of a man who wrestled the demons of addiction and family struggles to lead two urban churches to become beacons of racial and social justice. Venegas, who died in April 2007, shows us the power of forgiveness of people who hurt him out of ignorance. He never allowed the pain to stop him from dancing his dance of grace in Jesus Christ. Read this book and you'll dance too. (Chapbook Press)

About the Author

Reginald Smith is director of the Office of Social Justice for the Christian Reformed Church. He attends Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.