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November 26, 2012 - 

Anthony runs a spotlight English Club for immigrants in a predominantly Muslim area in Europe.

People of various religious backgrounds gather for Christmas Worship.

Even though many of the club members are not Christian, they asked him to organize a Christmas party for them.

In Anthony's Spotlight English Club, immigrants from around the world meet each week to practice speaking and learning English.

The group uses materials produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach arm of Back to God Ministries International, in partnership with religious broadcaster Words of Hope.

Anthony's party gave him a perfect opportunity to describe the history of Christmas and to tell the story of Jesus.

After enjoying some traditional Christmas food in a room brightly decorated for the holiday, Anthony shared the nativity story with the members of his group.

"I told the story from a real human perspective - how jesus was born in the most dirty of conditions in Bethlehem...[and] how he was rejected by society," says Anthony.

"In generated a lot of discussion. After the party, an elderly Asian gentleman who had been in the country for several years approached me and admitted he and never heard the Christmas story before," Anthony said.

"So even though the main focus of Spotlight is to help people to practice their English, this opened the door for me to be able to share my faith."

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