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CRC Member Named Acting General Secretary of Canadian Council of Churches


Peter Noteboom, a member of First Christian Reformed Church in Toronto, Ont., and an employee of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, will soon take on the role of acting general secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC), an ecumenical council representing 25 denominations in Canada.

—Anita Brinkman, CRC Communications

Plantinga Wins $1 Million Templeton Prize

Relying on his bedrock belief that God is the creator and guiding force of the universe, philosopher Alvin Plantinga made a career of asking hard questions and stating the case for the existence of God. In doing so, he has won many awards, most recently the 2017 Templeton Prize.

—Chris Meehan, CRC Communications

More Churches Join Climate Witness Project

The Christian Reformed Church’s Climate Witness Project has been gathering momentum in recent months. More than 70 participating congregations have signed on to the project.

—Chris Meehan, CRC Communications

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