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Korean-American Pastors Make Revelation Accessible with New Commentary

Pastor In Yeol Jeong (left) and Pastor Tong K. Park
Pastor In Yeol Jeong (left) and Pastor Tong K. Park

“Everyone can read Revelation!” is the catchphrase of a new commentary written by retired Christian Reformed pastors Rev. In Yeol (Moses) Jeong and Rev. Tong K. Park. The goal of providing this book in the Korean language was to help Korean pastors and lay people read this book of the Bible that is sometimes difficult to understand.

Pastor Jeong emphasized that “today’s churches must teach this book to build up strong biblical Christians. The book of Revelation wasn’t written for specially gifted people; it is for everyone who believes the blessings of its promised words in the beginning (Rev. 1:3) and its ending words (Rev. 22:7).”

The authors felt moved to write the book since many Christians encounter misinterpretations of the book of Revelation. “Today’s Christians’ biggest problem is following the wrong interpretation or false teaching,” since pastors may hesitate to preach and teach or even interpret this book because of its difficult prophecies and symbols, they explained.

Pastor Jeong said he hopes it will “help lay leaders [in] their Christian lives, and many pastors can read it to understand the Reformed Amillenial view for today's ministry.” He said they hope to translate it into English for English readers too.

Before retirement, Pastor Jeong ministered for 18 years at Faith CRC in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., (now inactive). Pastor Park also ministered in a few different churches and served as Korean Ministry Director for the CRC for many years.


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