Prayer Connect Unites Las Vegas Church in Evangelism

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Areumdawoon Korean Christian Reformed Church in Las Vegas, Nev., began eight years ago with a youth ministry and vision to “Every moment, thank God!” This fall’s Prayer Connect—21 days of early morning prayer and time of devotion—reaffirmed that purpose with a renewed vision to see the kingdom of God become stronger in Las Vegas.

“I would like to welcome these special early prayer meetings with a new resolution,” said Rev. Dae Woo Park, pastor of the church, as Prayer Connect began. “If all church laymen and workers are for the church, I would like to recognize that this special early prayer meeting has a mission to lead more successfully than any past ones.”

The focused time of prayer ran October 16 to November 4, followed by a 10-week series of Quiet Time (QT) trainings.

“I pray that the people of our church and even our neighbor country will know Jesus well, live a joyful faith-life, and walk in the grace of the Lord,  ” Pastor Park said. Park sees the training as a way to fulfill the mission of the Lord's command to evangelize communities and institutions, to spread the gospel to the end of the earth by discipleship training, small group community, and ministry to youth.

“I bless all my beloved church members who have worked together in prayer for 21 Days Prayer Connect. That our faithful God has heard our eager prayers,” he said.

Areumdawoon (which in English means “beautiful”) Korean CRC also recently delivered some scholarships to students in need.

The church operates on a 2.2-acre site with separate worship and educational spaces, having moved to this location in September 2013. The church is grateful to God for its growth.

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