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Iowa Church Reenacts the Sights and Sounds of Good Friday


For the second year, members ofTrinity CRCin Ames, Iowa, invited the community as they reenacted scenes of Good Friday, using an idea that came from Reformed Worship magazine.Throughout the reenactment, there are periods where the action “freezes” and sounds are added that further contribute to the scene; including the sounds of a hammer nailing Jesus’ hands to the cross and the sound of slapping as the soldiers mocked Jesus. Various Scripture passages provided the narrative, interspersed by congregational songs.

Kelly Vander Woude, pastor at Trinity CRC, participated in the Good Friday service by providing the sounds that are heard throughout. Pastor Kelly said he hopes that the participants as well as the rest of the congregation are impacted by the service in different ways. “The whole reason we’re doing this [Good Friday service] again is because of the impact it had on people,” he said. “We had read that Scripture before . . . but we had never had actors doing [freeze frames] or having sound. [It was] a new experience. . . . fully auditory and visual.”

Vander Woude hopes that people come away changed. “My hope is that people actually dwell into all that happened,” he said. “We all know the stories, we all know what is coming up, but there is something that happens when you begin to add other senses. When you hear the words . . . and see what you are hearing . . . and then you add sounds, [it helps people] to fully understand and realize what Christ did.” He added, “I also think seeing and hearing makes you think about your response to all of this. It humbles you.” 

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