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Top 10 Most Read Banner Online Articles in 2016


#10 - Chicago Teen Gunned Down

Andre Taylor, a lifelong member of Roseland Christian Reformed Church in Chicago, was shot and killed in his front yard on evening of Sunday, March 13, just hours after worshiping at Roseland. He was 16.

#9 - Ancaster Church Supports Family of Tim Bosma During Murder Trial

Members of Ancaster (Ont.) Christian Reformed Church surrounded Sharlene Bosma with support during the trial for the men accused of murdering her husband, Tim Bosma.

#8 - Clarifying Synod 2016's Decisions on Pastoral Advice Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

An interview with Peter Hoytema clarifying what Synod 2016 said about same-sex marriage.

#7 - Critically Injured Pastor Returns to the Pulpit

A year-and-a-half after sustaining a catastrophic brain injury and severe physical injuries in a car crash, Rev. Wes Collins preached his first post-accident sermon at Riverside Christian Reformed Church in Wellandport, Ont.

#6 - Synod 2016: A Growing Divide

Synod 2016 showed a church increasingly diverse and also increasingly divided.

#5 - Synodical Committee Member Participates in Same-Sex Wedding

A member of the Committee to Provide Pastoral Advice re Same-Sex Marriage revealed in a video interview that she had participated in at least one same-sex wedding and planned to do more.

#4 - Making Room

In his last editorial, editor Len Vander Zee questioned the action of Synod 2016 that restricted membership on a new committee to study human sexuality to those who “adhere to the CRC’s biblical position on marriage and same-sex relationships” [the 1973 and 2002 reports on homosexuality] as a dangerous precedent.

#3 - A Framework for Pastoral Guidance

Nicholas Wolterstorff provided a glowing evaluation of the report that was headed to Synod 2016 from the Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance Regarding Same-Sex Marriage.

#2 - Pastoral Guidance for Churches Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

A brief summary of the report that was headed to Synod 2016 from the  Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

#1 - Wolterstorff: Biblical Justice and Same-Sex Marriage

Nicholas Wolterstorff spoke at an event in Grand Rapids, Mich., laying out how he came to his conclusion that biblical justice requires that people of homosexual orientation be granted “the great good of civil and ecclesial marriage.”

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