Teen Wants People to Pray for the Whole World

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Many of us typically we know who we’re going to pray for, why we are praying for them, and what the outcome is that we hope for.

Nineteen-year-old Audrey  Bryant has taken her personal vision of what prayer is and has literally invited everyone in the world to be apart of it. She recently launched a Facebook group called “World Prayer Project.” She wants to encourage people around the world to not only pray for all 195 countries, but to also educate themselves about the events occurring in each country. In the near future Audrey would like every country to have a prayer group assigned to it.

Currently, she is a quarter of the way to reaching this goal. The group mainly consists of close friends of Bryant’s but is receiving attention from people around the world. “It’s good that we pray for crises and world events that receive tremendous amounts of media attention. However, it’s also imperative that we don’t overlook the issues that don’t receive media coverage. What about the issues that aren’t showcased in the media? Prayer is needed for these issues too,” she said.

Bryant  hopes to encourage people to grow in prayer and to embrace the idea of prayer communities. She also hopes that in the future, the group is recognized as an outlet where individuals can educate themselves about current issues around the world.

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The concept of praying for people we don't know and situations we don't unerstand doesn't compute. If we still had phonebooks . . . praying through one's local phonebook almost sounds reasonable. But then we might feel some obligation towards the people on our block . . . even Catholics.