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June 16, 2015 - 

Four deacon advisors are present at Synod 2015, three of whom are women. Deacon advisor Trena Boonstra describes the task of deacon advisors as follows: “We serve as the deacon voice here, a voice that acts as a messenger, letting our congregations know our denomination is alive and active.”

Other deacon advisors include Tamara Haveman, Cora Hoekstra, and Herm Kloosterman.

Regarding the appointment of two new seminary faculty, Hoekstra said, “It’s great to see how intentional everyone is in the hiring and training of not only pastors, but professors as well.”

Kloosterman, the only male deacon advisor, said, “We’re witnessing the exposure of causes we contribute to, and we get to encourage and support people who are part of this, which is amazing.”

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