Colorado Kids Remember Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

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Nearly 200 children gathered at Eastern Hills Community Christian Reformed Church in Aurora, Colo., on Good Friday to participate in “Remember Jesus: A Journey to the Cross.”

The inaugural event took children ages 3 to 10 through different stations that reflected the journey that Jesus took to the cross, including the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, and his last moments at the cross. The communion elements, crucifixion nails, and a crown of thorns all served as visual reminders of Jesus’ suffering. Age-appropriate activities allowed the children to experience the journey in different ways.

“Following the journey, the kids gathered in a large group to summarize why we remember Jesus, with an opportunity to thank him for dying on the cross and accept his forgiveness,” explained Robin Kluever, the church’s children’s pastor.

Kluever said that the idea for the event was brought by a staff member from another church in Florida. “We are implementing it in our own way with a few tweaks and a bit different look,” she said. Judging by the attendance and feedback, it was a big success.

Carsyn Vialpando, 10, got to hammer nails into a piece of wood like the cross. “I feel happy because I know Jesus would rise three days later, which meant that Jesus has forgiven all of our sins,” he said.

Maddie Pheteplace, 5, said, “I felt good learning about the Last Supper. It means that Jesus gave his life for me and my sin.”

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