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Celebrating 100 Years of Ministry in Los Angeles


For 100 years there has been a Christian Reformed Church in Los Angeles, Calif. For the first 66 years, it was First CRC; since 1980, it has been L.A. Community CRC. The congregation celebrated the milestone anniversary with events on Sept. 20 and 21.

Richard A. Jones, Sr., senior pastor, said, “It is indeed remarkable to think that since 1914, God has richly blessed two ministries, First CRC and L.A. Community CRC, with the awesome task of serving in the heart of Los Angeles. It was a time for members, those who used to attend First CRC, and those who have attended or attend Community to come together to say, ‘We've come this far by faith.’”

First CRC was rebirthed as L.A. Community Church under the leadership of Christian Reformed Home Missions and pastors Stan VerHeul and Tom Doorn.

About 200 past and current members gathered to share memories at an open house and attend worship services. The service included prayers for the current ministry and for the future of this ministry.

“The Larkin family, the first African-American family to join First CRC Los Angeles, along with several other families, was recognized for their bold love for Jesus Christ that stretched beyond the racial and political climate of the time,” said Alfred McCloud, a current church member. “I believe this celebration shows the faithfulness of the Lord through the commitment of my great-grandparents, Bill and Doris Larkin, and now my own continued service at L.A. Community CRC 50 years later.”


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