California Church Provides Shelter for People without Homes

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For more than 12 years, Fairfield (Calif.) Christian Reformed Church has been partnering with a local ministry providing “nomadic sheltering” for people without a home. “Our church seems to have a heart for [people who are] homeless,” said Alice Addink.

The church works with Mission Solano, founded by a man who once was homeless himself. To provide nomadic sheltering, each night a different church welcomes 50 to 100 people for dinner and provides a place for them to sleep before they head out in the morning.

Addink and her husband, Roger, lead the monthly ministry for Fairfield CRC. They plan the dinners and take-along lunches for the next day. They purchase food and coordinate the group of volunteers who make the ministry possible. Alice’s experience running a catering business has served her well.

Alice gives credit to the many volunteers who have kept the ministry going for so long without burning out. Many pitch in and bring friends or relatives with them to help. Alice said she looks at the group of volunteers as a Christian family group.

“We want to honor [our guests],” Alice said, “with a truly nutritious meal, and show them Jesus’ love. Food is a love language.”

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