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Multi-denominational Group Rallies for Family Living in a Church


On May 23, more than 300 people from many faiths and denominations gathered to rally in support of the Pusuma family. The crowd presented a petition at the office of Canada’s immigration minister Chris Alexander, asking for a temporary resident permit for the family until their case can be heard by the refugee board.

Jozsef and Timea Pusuma and their daughter, Lulu, reportedly escaped from Romania after several threats and attacks because of their human right activism in defense of the Roma people. The Pusuma family arrived at the Canadian border hoping to succeed in a refugee claim. Instead, they are living in a church, fearing deportation.

Campaign organizer and Christian Reformed Church member Jenn McIntyre said, “I am amazed at how many people have showed up today from different faith traditions and different denominations to support this family and to speak out for justice. [This family] has changed the life of everyone they have met. Here is this ecumenical gathering—children, holocaust survivors, young and old—here to love and support them and to fight for their freedom.”

Almost 40,000 people have signed petitions expressing concern for the well-being of the family.

Jozsef and Timea said, “We feel that a higher power has sent all of you to help us in so many ways. We are truly grateful for your love and friendship. Please continue to pray for us, our blessings for you, and our wishes for peace.”


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