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For Seth Laninga, a member of Springs Community Christian Reformed Church in Austin, Texas, a mission trip in Mexico was an educational experience.

Laninga joined members of Filadelfia Christian Reformed Church in Mathuala, San Luis Potosí (Mexico) as they traveled to Eben-ezer church in La Cardona, Nuevo León.

The mission trip involved service and worship, Sunday school classes for the children, and distribution of donated clothes.

“It’s interesting to see how other Christians worship, not just in another church but in another country,” Laninga said. “My impression is that faith and perseverance is a lot different in a church there than for someone here in the U.S., in that [church] is not a popular thing to do there, but they still go and are strong in their faith and are trying to grow in their faith.”

La Cardona is a remote town located on the border of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. The people who live there are agricultural workers who cultivate corn. Their resources are very scarce. Every two weeks, the church in Matehuala sends members to La Cardona to host a service.

We used to go every week, but the trip is very expensive and there is no public transportation or paved roads to get there,” said Carolina de León, coordinator of the biweekly mission trip. “When we go, we evangelize, give classes to the children, and do social work with the adults, among other things.”

After the service, there was an opportunity to socialize with people from the congregation.

“I talked with a youngster about a slingshot for a little bit,” Laninga said. “It really was just small talk, but I want to remember those kids. . . . It’s good to see kids taking an interest and being able to participate in church activities like that.”

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