Maryland Church Crafts Hope for China

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When Carin Vogelzang and her family set out to adopt a child with special needs from China, members of Silver Springs (Md.) Christian Reformed Church wanted to do something to help. Vogelzang suggested a crafting project.

The women and children of Silver Springs CRC made 80 bibs for children with special needs in China.

“We decided on bibs,” said Vogelzang, “because I saw them listed on several organizations serving Chinese orphans’ ‘wish lists.’ I thought they would be easy to make, and I wanted a project that kids could be involved with because I have an11-year-old daughter who loves projects like this.”

Julie Holtrop organized a group of women and children to donate, cut out, and sew fabric, as well as attach snaps and contribute to the cost of shipping the bibs to China. Together, the group made close to 80 bibs for the babies in orphanages of the New Hope Foundation. “It was wonderful to be a part of a great group of women who joined together to bless God’s kingdom,” said Rachel Bouman.

The bibs weren’t created to help the Vogelzangs bring their daughter home. Instead they were made in support of the family’s effort to help hundreds of babies in China with special needs, a job that could seem overwhelming and filled with pain. But Vogelzang believes crafting spreads hope. “Healing comes when you give of your time and talents to create a piece of art for someone else.”

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