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DC Church Celebrates Passover


On Maundy Thursday, close to twenty people gathered at Roots DC to celebrate Passover Seder, or “the telling.”

Roots DC hosted a Passover meal on Maundy Thursday.

Micheal Bouman

Bryan Berghoef, pastor of this new Christian Reformed church plant in Washington, D.C., read from the Messianic Passover text as wine was poured, bitter herbs were dipped into salt water, and matzah was eaten with horseradish. Passover “is a story of miraculous transitions – from slavery to freedom, from despair to hope, from darkness to light,” he read.

The story of these “miraculous transitions” is told through the Passover meal. “Theology can be eaten,” Berghoef explained as he broke matzah, and wrapped it in white cloth signifying Christ’s death and burial. For over two hours, participants followed along as Berghoef led them through four questions that are asked during the ceremony: On this night why do we eat only matzah? On this night why do we eat only bitter herbs? On this night why do we dip them twice? On this night why do we eat only reclining?

After the meal ended, and dishes were cleared, guests lingered around the table sipping the last of the wine and cracking bits of matzah to share with one another as they talked. “Have you ever wondered what Jesus and the disciples looked like?” one guest considered. Another wondered about Judas. Still another pondered how Jesus must have felt that night before the first Good Friday.

Roots DC is an emerging community that meets on Sundays at the home of Bryan and Christy Berghoef to discuss faith and justice, renewal and exploration. “Roots DC is currently a seed,” the Berghoef’s say. “We hope to create a community rooted in Jesus, for the good of Washington, D.C.”

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