CRC Websites Now Have Common Log-in

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Starting this week, web visitors can use the same login for two of the Christian Reformed Church’s most popular websites.

“Your Network login can now be used for both The Network and The Banner,” said Tim Postuma, web and e-communications manager for CRC Communications.

Soon the main Christian Reformed Church in North America site ( and other CRC-related sites will also be part of the unified login.

Streamlining the login process means fewer passwords to remember and makes it easier for people to post comments on The Banner or join ministry discussions happening on The Network.

In addition, visitors have the option of logging in using their existing account with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and many other services.

All existing Network accounts have been moved over to the new structure.

CRC Communications staff members are standing by to help users who have any trouble with the new login process.

“So far it’s going very well,” said Jonathan Wilson, community manager for The Network and The Banner. “We’ve been watching the inbox closely, but people haven’t really needed our help.”

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