Finding His Way in Los Angeles


For many people on Skid Row, Eric Gullekson is one of the angels in the “City of Angels.”

His Way ministry distributes food and affection to people on the streets of Los Angeles.

LA Global Mission’s His Way front-line ministry meets practical needs like clothing and food, but it also seeks to touch the “untouchable”.

“I noticed a lot of churches go and pass out food, but they are distant. They don’t touch. I want to be an advocate. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty,” said Gullekson.

In conjunction with LA Global Mission, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, His Way Ministry sets up on sidewalks in two neighborhoods each month to distribute food and clothing.

But they don’t stop there. “We bring an intimacy to the project,” said Gullekson. “It’s a washing. Every time I go down there is it a cleansing. The food and clothing bring about a relationship.”

One relationship led to a man asking Gullekson to come to his apartment and help him rid it of drugs and pornography.

Ann was living on the streets, struggling with alcohol abuse and homelessness when she met Gullekson. Just seven month later, she has become a United States citizen, attends school, and is the house manager at the Christian rehab center that miraculously had an opening for her.

Gullekson knows this transformation firsthand. He grew up in L.A. and was in and out of jail his whole life. During his time in prison, he experienced the transforming work of God. Those who knew him before see this change and ask him about.

“They share those tears with us. That is the healing ministry of God’s love,” said Gullekson.

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