Indiana Church Offers Valet Parking

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Just pull up under the canopy and drop off the keys: Bethel Christian Reformed Church in DeMotte, Ind., began offering valet parking service this winter.

Martha Schaafsma, 91, receives valet service at church.

“We have a lot of elderly people in the congregation, a lot of widows,” said Marge Fase, who heads the church’s service committee. “This way people aren’t sliding around the parking lot and don’t have to go up the steep stairs.”

This winter’s unusually mild weather has made the valet service less imperative than it would be other years, but church members are enthusiastic nonetheless.

Martha Schaafsma, 91, called the valet parking a wonderful thing: “I really appreciate it—it helps me a lot.”

The church’s service committee also offers rides to church and finds ways to help in the community.

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Roxanne VanFarowe is a freelance writer who lives in the woods with her artist husband James and their five children in Hillsborough, North Carolina. They are members of Blacknall Presbyterian Church in Durham.