Meeting Spiritual Needs of Muslims in Dearborn

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This story has been removed due to security concerns.

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Jeff Arnold is the Banner’s regional news correspondent for classes Kalamazoo and Lake Erie.

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Hi, Please remove my name and pictures and the story ASAP from your web-site. I resigned from my popsition as the Director of the AAFc and the Pastor of the BOL.

Thank you,
Basem Qusous

Greetings Dear Friends, Please I need to ask you a huge favor. I am no longer associated with the arab American Friendship Center. Can you please take this article and picture off your web. Thank you

Please remove my name, picture and info. about me. I am no longer the Executive Director of the AAFC

Hi, please take my name, picture and info. from this web. I am no longer serving at the AAFC.

Peace be with you! This is my third message to you asking you kindly to remove my name, picture and the info. about my work at the AAFC. I resigned as of March 1st, 2012