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Iowa Children Provide Grain Bins for Laos


At Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Orange City, Iowa, the children in Sunday school have been raising money to support the Grain Bins for Laos Project.

A grain bin gets taken down for shipment to Laos.

(Photo by Ron Van Den Berg)

The project, taking place across the Midwest, involves dismantling old grain bins, packing them on a shipping pallet, and sending them to Laos, where they will be reassembled and filled with grain.

These grain bins allow for a stable food supply for the people of Laos by providing a means of storing dry grain locally. Without the bins, any amount of rain would ruin the food and income resource.

Mike Krommendyk, Sunday school superintendent at Calvary, said, “Every semester they do an offering for some cause.”

Each bin costs about $750, and the children spent an entire semester collecting an offering. The number of bins they collected has not yet been totaled.

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