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Colorado Church Serves Up Beer and Theology


When a local minister approached Scott Graber about using his brewery to host a group aimed at discussing theology, Graber’s reply was “By all means!” Now the group, run by Alamosa (Colo.) Christian Reformed Church, meets in a small corner of the brewery twice a month.

Graber, owner San Luis Valley Brewing Company, enjoys the mix of theology and beer. “For some folks, it’s [about theology], but for my wife and I, ethics and background, it fits pretty good,” Graber said. Graber grew up in a conservative Mennonite home and did graduate work at Notre Dame. His wife grew up Catholic. “I came to believe that God works in a lot of ways. Around the table [with] good dining and good drink is certainly one of the options, so here we are,” he said.

Between eight to 15 people regularly attend the discussions. A few are members of Alamosa CRC, with others coming from varying backgrounds.

“We have a few regulars, a good mix of people swaying to the Buddhist side, people who are agnostics, and people who are Universalists,” said Rev. Allen Kleine Deters, senior pastor of Alamosa CRC. “Basically we come from the premise that if what you believe is important, if you believe it’s truth, then it should be able to stand up to whatever scrutiny someone has.”

Graber has been happy with the partnership. “It’s extremely fulfilling for me. I came from more of an academic background. That has completely gone out the door. To see people come in and fellowship in this place is gratifying for me. I enjoy knowing that folks are filling up on a little more than just food and beer and maybe getting something out of it.”

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