Flowers Help Michigan Church Blossom in Neighborhood

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Last Sunday, following their morning worship service, members of Monroe Community Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., branched out into the neighborhood, trowels in hand.

They planted nearly 20 plots of flowers along the street. “Flower planting is a fun opportunity to show the beauty of God’s creation to those around us,” said volunteer Bridget Smilde, 16.

Almost 90 people attended the event. “We’re not just beautifying the neighborhood, but planting these flowers . . . actually reduces crime by 50 percent,” explained Amy Schenkel, ministry associate for Monroe Community. “It improves the quality of life for the people of this neighborhood.”

The North Monroe Business Association supplies the flowers. But instead of the association paying someone to plant them, church members offered to do so for free, said Rev. Henry Schenkel, pastor for Monroe Community CRC. That was three years ago, and the church has been doing it ever since.

After planting, the church hosted a picnic with hot dogs in the church parking lot.

About the Author

Ryan Struyk was a former Banner news correspondent for classes Grand Rapids South and Thornapple Valley.