Classis Huron Had Good ‘In-tent-ions’

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When it was Palmerston (Ont.) Christian Reformed Church’s turn to host Classis Huron (a regional group of churches), it decided to do something more festive than usual.

According to Rev. Andrew de Gelder, the church initially planned to have lunch under a large tent on the church lawn, to “fit with the cuisine of a barbecue lunch.” But then they thought it might be fun to hold the classis meetings under the tent too.

Reactions were positive, and delegates made inevitable jokes about the church’s “in-tent-ions,” the “in-tent-sity” the location could bring to the discussions, and their hopes that a less formal setting would not cause the meeting to turn into a circus.

In the end, cold, windy weather forced the church to use their back-up plan and hold classis in the sanctuary, but delegates did enjoy their barbecue lunch under canvas.

 Most agreed with de Gelder that “it just makes things more festive.”

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