Alberta Church Volunteers Teach Bible Classes at Local Public School

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An opportunity to share the gospel in a public school doesn’t come around often , so when it did for Iron Springs (Alberta) Christian Reformed Church, they jumped at the chance.

Seven years ago Huntsville Elementary School was facing closure due to lack of students. The board saw the growing local Mennonite community as a potential for increasing enrollment, so they decided to offer a Bible course as an option for students.

The principal, Sherrie Nickel, heard about Iron Springs CRC through the vacation Bible school offered by the church, and asked if the church would teach the Bible Basics class.

 Three women from the CRC volunteer at the school every Monday afternoon teaching the class to students in grades 1-6.

Nikkel is very positive about the program. “Our students are all raised primarily in Christian homes, and teaching these courses reinforces the beliefs and creates continuity between the home and school. This is a real gift from the CRC to us and would have been difficult to implement otherwise.”

At the end of the school year the grade 6 students are presented with their own Bible as a gift from Iron Springs CRC.

Gerty Heinen, one of the volunteer teachers, said that “an opportunity to share the gospel in a public school doesn’t come around often. It has benefited both the school and the church as a wonderful way to reach out to one another and share the love of God. It is amazing how the Lord works to bring his people together.”

Julia Klingenberg, another volunteer teacher for the Bible Basics program, said that her favorite part is the interaction with the students and teachers at the school. “The students meet us with high-fives and smiles every week. We are really blessed by their excitement.”

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