Trains, Planes, and . . . Bicycles?

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In his 62 years, Gerald Kobes has visited all 50 states in America—once by train, twice by car, and many times by plane. But never has he seen the U.S. as definitively as he will this summer, from the seat of his bicycle.

Kobes is participating in the 2008 Sea to Sea Bike Tour, making his way from Washington State to New Jersey in nine weeks. He has trained rigorously for nine months for the tour.

“I believe it is a great opportunity to raise some funds for a very worthy cause, to create a greater awareness of poverty and need, and also to be able to tell this story to others in our communities and workplaces, as we strive to raise funds. What an opportunity for witness,” he said. “I also believe it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some really neat people—both fellow riders and people we will meet along the way.”

Summitview Christian Reformed Church in Yakima, Wash., is sponsoring Kobes, raising nearly $5,000, which is half of his goal.

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