Staff Remain on Alert in Guinea, Honduras

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After time to monitor the situation, the Christian Reformed Church’s crisis management team has downgraded the risk warnings for both Honduras and Guinea. However, staff in those countries remain alert to possible dangers.

CRC staff members in both countries were put on alert and under restricted travel in recent months due to political upheaval (see Banner News, November and December 2009).

In Guinea, in-country travel restrictions for staff have been eased, but staff must still take more precautions than normal, said Ron Geerlings of Christian Reformed World Missions. Restrictions for non-staff and non-essential travel to Guinea remain in effect.

In Honduras, violence continued in the lead-up to the national elections at the end of November. Staff there were advised to stock up on supplies in the event of possible disruption of essential services.

On Dec. 10, following peaceful elections in Honduras, the CRC’s crisis
management team recommended a return to regular work activities.

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