Spring Break at the United Nations

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An early spring break led to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City for three members of Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church, British Columbia.

George Knuff, Richard Tebak, and Jordan Vellekoop, all students at Maple Ridge Christian High School, traveled with six classmates and two teachers to New York.

There they met with students from around the world at an annual human-rights-awareness conference hosted by the United Nations International School and the U.N.

The students are part of their school’s model U.N. club. “We meet to discuss global issues like child exploitation, the environment, and the International Monetary Fund,” said Vellekoop, 17. “These are important issues in our world.”

This year’s conference was about human rights and the corporate world. “It was a great experience—informative and interesting,” said Knuff, 18.

After their spring break, the students hoped to raise awareness among their classmates.

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