Requests to Synod 2006


Each year the Christian Reformed Church’s 47 classes (regional groups of churches) send representatives to the denomination’s annual synod in June. As part of their work, those delegates must decide on the several requests (overtures) the classes send to synod each year. The following are requests to Synod 2006.

Classis Toronto asks synod to declare the New Living Translation acceptable for use in worship services.

Classis Grand Rapids East asks synod to adopt a guideline for the synodical service of prayer and praise to “ensure that leadership roles in the service reflect the ethnic and gender diversity of our denomination.”

Classis Pacific Northwest asks synod to revise its method of selecting officers so as to ensure that all classes are represented.

Classis Zeeland asks synod to appoint a study committee to answer the following question: “May the church receive into membership and invite to the Lord’s table people living in the Unites States who are known to be working illegally?”

Classis Holland asks synod to appoint a committee to study admitting all baptized members to the Lord’s Supper.

Classis Quinte asks synod to appoint a study committee to look at establishing a denominational marriage and family institute to promote healthy families, conduct research, and train pastors on related issues.

—Banner News Correspondents