Pro Bono with a Purpose in Philadelphia

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Peter Hileman, a successful trial lawyer in Doylestown, Pa., joined forces with Pam Ramos and others to form a free legal clinic in inner-city Philadelphia.

The clinic is located at the Ayuda Community Center, a ministry of Spirit and Truth Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, where both Hileman and Ramos are members.

Clients come to the clinic with legal problems, including domestic, immigration, housing, and criminal issues. Attorneys provide legal advice as well as some of the funding for the clinic. If a client needs further representation, the attorney may take the case or refer the client to someone who will help on a pro bono or reduced fee basis.

Hileman says, “We try to minister to the whole person. We offer to pray with our clients, and if they are willing, we share the gospel with them.”

Ramos organizes the clinic’s services and promotes them in the neighborhood.

Liz Lopez, a client who needed legal help for her sons, is grateful for the clinic. She says, “God’s attorney angels have been such a blessing, giving peace to my soul and a voice to the oppressed for the greater good of our community.”

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