Ontario Church’s Creation Care Takes Root

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New trees are taking root in a Newmarket, Ontario, park, thanks to members of Bethel Christian Reformed Church. The tree-planting project is part of the congregation’s renewed commitment to creation care.

On this year’s 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Bethel CRC joined 50,000 other people viewing an internet broadcast hosted by BlessedEarth.org. The event served as a springboard to hands-on creation-care projects by the congregation.

“Some of our youth are passionate about creation care and social justice,” said youth and family ministry director Jason Postma. He hopes that their passion continues to fuel environmental stewardship projects that engage both young and old in the congregation.  

The church also hosted an intergenerational road and river cleanup. Postma notes that creation care is a particularly good fit for the Bethel congregation with its many landscapers, gardeners, and farmers. “Young and old are working side by side and good momentum is building,” he said.

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