Emily Brink

CRC Worship Leader Retires

Emily Brink, 65, has retired from her post as editor of Reformed Worship. Brink and her colleagues at CRC Publications started the magazine 20 years ago to explore the roles of worship relating to visuals, intergenerational worship, and global issues. She produced 80 issues of the magazine in that time.

Brink explains she wanted to have an open discussion on the role of worship in everyday life and how it could affect a wider range of people than is typically considered in the realm of Reformed worship.

“We started Reformed Worship because we wanted one place where we could address worship issues that affect both pastors and musicians in their calling to worship,” she said.

Brink will continue as Senior Research Fellow at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. She chairs the institute’s annual Worship Symposium and represents the institute at worship conferences around the globe. And she teaches courses at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary on music in worship. “It’s been a great privilege to be able to learn from and meet many different worship communities,” she said.

A former church organist who enjoys anything by Bach, Brink has traveled extensively in six continents, with a recent visit to Singapore and Indonesia.