Lamont CRC Wins Court Case

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Circuit court judge Ed Post ruled in April that the building and assets of Lamont (Mich.) Christian Reformed Church will remain with the members of the church, not with a group that broke away, but the title won’t be signed over just yet.

The case went to court almost two years ago, when former church members formed Lamont Community Church and filed suit against Lamont CRC for the church building and assets.

Judge Post wrote that the breakaway group went around the Christian Reformed Church’s guidelines for disaffiliation when, in 1998, it set up a separate property corporation without the denomination’s permission.

Dale Grooters, spokesperson for the Lamont CRC council, reflected on church members’ reactions following the two-year court conflict. “There is certainly relief—whatever side you are on, there’s anticipation.”

Rev. Peter Borgdorff, former executive director of the CRC; Rev. Ronald Meyer, stated clerk for Classis Zeeland; and Rev. Henry De Moor, professor of church polity at Calvin Theological Seminary, all took the stand on behalf of Lamont Christian Reformed Church.

Grooters said the denomination’s guidelines [regarding disaffiliation] were instrumental in the decision.

Lamont Community Church is appealing the ruling to the state Court of Appeals.

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