Car Repair for New Jersey People in Need

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Several years ago, Kevin Roukema attended a “Discover Your Gifts” workshop at New Life Ministries Christian Reformed Church in North Haledon, N.J. Being mechanically gifted, he said, “It became clear to me how God set me up to do my auto repair ministry and put my faith in action.”

Roukema now gives two Saturdays a month to this work. For people who can afford it, he charges for parts and labor and that helps fund services for those who can’t afford it. For people who can pay something, he provides free labor, and for those who can’t afford anything, parts and labor are free. The funds are administered by the church treasurer.

Roukema uses his employer’s facility and tools and his son, Brett, helps with the repairs from time to time.   

Emily Wilson, the Executive Director of New Hope Ministries in Haledon, said that Roukema has helped many of their clients in difficult times.

“One of the families he assisted had no way of getting to work without a vehicle so in having their car repaired at a low cost by someone they could trust enabled them to keep their jobs!”

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My name is Debbie, I recently had to leave my job as an electronics assembler because I developed rotator cuff disease in my shoulders. I was collecting disability but lost that when I had to notify my employer that I could no longer do that job. I've applied for unemployment but do not think I'll be getting it because they say I quit my job. (but I couldn't physically do it) right now I have no money and can't get out to look for work because my car recently broke down. It will not go move. It's a 2001 Hyundai accent GL stick shift. When I put it in 1st or reverse, it doesn't move. Someone said maybe it's the drive train or axle problem. Can you help me in any way? I can't get out to find a job, see my elderly mother, or even get to the doctors. I would appreciate your help more than you could ever know.
God bless you for what you do to help people in need.
Deborah M.

A dependable vehicle is needed to take my children to school, and for transportation to work. I am a single-mom, past survivor of domestic abuse, and have been a part time NJ Turnpike worker on weekends for about 6 years. I do what I need to make ends meet and be there for my children. My sixteen year old son is on disability. My salary recently got cut and I have also just been released from the hospital and are currently under cardiac care. I find it timely, that my last car was donated to the American Heart Association. When driving recently, a rock hit underneath my current car causing a big oil leak. It would cost nearly $900 to fix it (not the gasket, behind the motor) which is money I just don't have. So I am hoping that you might consider my request for service your organization so that I may continue to work and support my children's needs. If need so, I will be happy to forward medical documents from my physicians attesting to my medical condition. Respectfully, Gladys Gonzalez 732-470-2763