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Arizona Churches Silent on Controversial Law


Faced with a steady stream of people illegally crossing into the state, Arizona legislators passed the so-called “Your papers, please” law confronting illegal immigration, igniting responses ranging from outrage to “It’s about time.”

None of the Christian Reformed churches in Arizona contacted by The Banner early this summer had taken an official stand on the legislation, though at least two church councils had discussed either the new law or the recent report about undocumented workers adopted by Synod 2010, the annual leadership meeting of the CRC.

Rev. Randy Raak of Hope Community CRC in Flagstaff noted that throughout history people have been willing to trade freedom for security. He said that while there’s concern within his church that the law may go “too far,” there’s also recognition of the need for a secure border.

“I lived in Arizona for almost 12 years,” said Rev. Esteban Lugo, director of the CRC’s Race Relations ministry. “While I don’t think the passing of this law does what needs to be done, something needs to be done concerning this problem of the border,” he said. “It’s an issue of social justice. The church is not to be silent on these matters.”

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