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Every season brings its unique blessings. Every day presents its wonders. What does a summer day mean to you? This rhythmic and boldly illustrated picture book depicts how an elderly lady and her dog experience a summer day.

The story begins with “City, summer, steamy sidewalks. Concrete crumbles, sirens screech.” With these words, readers feel the heat palpitating through these pages in red pigments and warm colors with bustling scenes of pedestrians and construction workers. There is so much heat that the dog finds it hard to sit anywhere on the street. The dog’s five senses become over-stimulated: “Too close! Too loud! Too much!”

When the elderly woman stops to check on the dog, she realizes that it has indeed become a “hot dog,” so she calls a taxi and they embark on a trip to somewhere cooler. The pages then gradually take on a cooler color palette, showing boats, decks, and the seaside. The two companions travel to an island where they can slow down and relax. It is not until evening when a shower of rain washes the city of its heat. A rush of wind brings familiar scents from food stands along the street. People linger on the street, enjoying the cool breeze and moonlight. The elderly woman and her dog return home, content with a day’s wonders. (Knopf Books for Young Readers)

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