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The verse “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8) connects our spiritual experience to that of food-tasting or feasting. As our basic subsistence, food runs through the Bible, from fruit trees in Eden, manna in the wilderness, bread and fish by the sea of Galilee, to the final feast with God himself in the new heaven and earth. The satisfying emotions of eating good food foreshadows something infinitely more satisfying: “We are waiting for the feast, where the lamb will be our peace,” writes Irene Sun in this substantive children’s book.

This theological treatment for children is highly accessible. Using rhymes and biblical images, the author delivers a simple truth: our soul searching in this world is also a shadow for the insatiable hunger toward something ultimately good and satisfying. This book teaches children that everything their hearts hunger for points to God and his goodness. Faith points to the day when we will say, “King of heaven, we adore, feed us till we want no more.” (New Growth Press)

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