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Parent Talks is a weekly podcast produced by Gateway CRC in Abbotsford, B.C., in which Marcel DeRegt, one of the pastors, records weekly with three parents from their church as they talk about a chapter in the book Habits of the Household, by Justin Whitmel Earley. This podcast does not represent a wholesale endorsement of the book, but each chapter serves as a springboard for conversation.

The group does a good job of reflecting on what they have read in preparation for each conversation. Their comments reflect what the author points out in the book while at the same time being real in their responses to it, admitting to their own parenting flaws, joys, and sorrows. The parents talk about what in their reading had the most impact and give takeaways that they will try to incorporate into their parenting.

Listening to this podcast is a good reminder of how helpful it can be to talk about important issues like parenting and how useful a group can be to get the most out of books like Habits of the Household. The group completed all 10 chapters of the book and of this podcast in December 2023 but all episodes are available to listen everywhere you find podcasts as well as on YouTube where you can watch the conversations while you listen.

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