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The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout: A Journey from Exhaustion to Wholeness by Sean Nemecek


Sean Nemecek, a former pastor who knows a thing or two about burnout, offers much-needed help to fellow leaders who are experiencing the heart-wrenching effects of burnout. He describes his own burnout as feeling “scorched, damaged, and empty” after years of what felt like constant criticism, lots of unresolved conflict, and his frustration over unrealistic and unrealized expectations. After taking extended time to heal, Nemecek now coaches pastors through their own burnout and recovery via Pastor-in-Residence Ministries. His book is a primer to help Christian leaders on that same journey.

Nemecek explores what burnout is and how we get there in part one of this book, offers strategies to recover from it in part two, and in the final section provides a blueprint for building resilience on the way to spiritual transformation. He describes this pervasive and often undiagnosed malady this way: “Burnout occurs when maintaining our fractured inner life draws so much energy that we no longer have energy to maintain our outer façade. The only way forward is to bring both the true and false selves into the light to be healed.”

The meat of The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout comes as Nemecek explores how to heal from burnout through actions such as becoming secure in our identity in Christ, establishing boundaries, destroying toxic habits, and deep soul care. He offers faith-based steps toward healing and building a healthy life and ministry.

This book is a must-read for busy pastors and other church leaders, but also for those who want to help their pastors and leaders prevent the destruction of burnout. Yet its principles also apply to anyone on the verge of burnout. The healing strategies are universal, as is God’s love for each one of his children.

As Pastor Glenn Packiam says in the foreword, “Recovery and resilience are what we need now more than ever, and this book will help the weary, the wounded, and worn-out find both.” (Zondervan Reflective)

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