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As a child, Kara Lawler learned the most about God when she spent time outdoors. In an author note, she explains, “Although my family did attend a formal church, there was no greater church for me than the one I found in the changing seasons. The beauty in nature was evidence of God’s goodness, and I encountered that goodness all around me at our family’s home in the country.” In God, Right Here Lawler invites children to join her in worshiping God as the seasons unfold: “God, right here. / God, right there. / God’s handiwork is everywhere. / Through spring, / summer, fall, / and winter, / we watch, / and wait, / and wonder. / The earth is so full of God’s glory.”

Lawler encourages children to see that, as the seasons change, God is always holding their hands, and they are never alone. In fact, every aspect of creation—people, rain, sunshine, flowers, beaches, seashells, birds, dolphins, trees, leaves, snow, and more—are part of God’s grand design. Children will learn that no matter how many changes they encounter in the natural world, “God is still at work. / God, ever near.”

Illustrator Jennie Poh’s cheerful, spirited artwork and author Kara Lawler’s clear, biblically rooted text testify to the goodness of God’s world and his work in it.

(IVP Kids)

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