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In this charming picture book replete with humorous illustrations, three children – the youngest a toddler – are proud of their dad because he makes “all sorts of gadgets and whatnots and thingamajigs.” When Dad puts on his tool belt, he tells his children that the magic is about to begin and adds, “Just sit right there and leave me to it. I’m the expert – just let me do it!”

As Dad proceeds, the children try to get his attention but he’s too busy to notice. One invention after another emerges from his creative mind and quirky skills: a rocket ship made out of a recycling bin and a lawn mower seat, a chariot built from an old golf-cart motor and bicycle tires, and a recycling-bin roller coaster. When Dad invites the kids to take turns on each of the things he built, they refuse. Dad is sure that if he keeps trying, he’ll be able to build something his children will enjoy and participate in.

Dad finally realizes that, despite his best efforts, he has failed and he apologizes to his kids for not knowing what they want. When he begins to put away his tools, the children stop him. Then he really listens to them and understands why they are unhappy. Instead of Dad doing everything, the kids want to learn how to use the tools. They want Dad’s full attention and a chance to play with him.

Then Dad says, “Kids! Come over here and let’s get to it. We’re all experts – we can do it.” The result of their joint efforts? “A recycling-bin coaster with a gumball slide, powered by a leaf blower and made from TWO bins.”

In Dad and the Recycling-Bin Roller Coaster, young children will discover much to delight in as they encounter a loving, unconventional family and their original contraptions. (WaterBrook)

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