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Eight years ago, author Eryn Lynum and her family moved to the Rocky Mountains because she and her husband “yearned for a backdrop etched in wonder, one to preserve our children’s intrigue with the natural world.” Lynum asserts that one need not make such a drastic move because, as her family experienced in other communities where they resided, nature is available to be explored no matter where one lives.  

Lynum’s goal to keep her children immersed in nature goes far beyond her desire for them to become intimate with the marvels of creation. Rather, she encourages parents to discover the grand and mysterious connections between God and creation: “Nature will become the classroom in which you and your child discover, side by side, the nurturing and powerful love of our Creator.” 

Lynum enrolled in a course to become a master naturalist with a goal to synthesize it with her degree in biblical studies after asking herself this question: “How could I, in a world that often worships creation rather than the Creator, intelligently and graciously educate others about natural things and, in every detail, show how those facts and wonders point back to the One who so eloquently designed them?”  

Rooted in Wonder – practical, inspiring, and filled with moving personal anecdotes about her family’s experiences – is the answer to Lynum’s question.  

Reformed Christians who believe that Jesus, at his second coming, will bring heaven to earth and make all things new will differ from Lynum’s theological perspective that the earth will be destroyed forever. Yet Christians from any background will find much to encourage and enlighten them as they seek with their children to “reconnect the dots between creation and Creator.” (Kregel)

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