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Throw on your dancing shoes because Natalie Layne’s EP “Amen” will make you want to bounce all over the place. 

“I’ve just always wanted to make music that brings people joy,” said the singer-songwriter in a release. “I think we need joyful songs to get us through the day sometimes, and God’s given me a lot of permission to go for the happy songs. If these songs could bring people joy, even in little ways, that would be a win.” 

The title cut, “Amen,” starts this joy fest: “Amen every day; I say amen to all the ways that; People are helping people; Making space at the table; I’m finding a little bit of that kindness; There’s still good in the crazy world we’re living in.” Other nuggets include “Fragile,” a declaration of God’s care in difficulty, and the ballad “Arms of God,” a beautiful piano-driven piece that underscores the truth that God is with His children. 

Layne co-wrote all the EP’s six selections and, though joy is a common theme throughout, the artist also urges her listeners to find good in situations that aren’t so good. Crank this one up in your vehicle and celebrate God in the good and tough times. (Centricity)

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