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Author Cleere Cherry Reaves’s son was born three months prematurely, an experience that transformed Reaves and her husband as they watched their baby struggle to survive and then eventually thrive. The Miracle of You is Reaves’s love song to her son and a testimony of her faith in God who gave her son life and a cherished place in her family.  

Reaves’s rhyming, playful verses draw young children into the celebration of God’s miracles, including her son’s life: “God’s miracles are everywhere. / They’re treasures, big and small. / And tiny things can sometimes / be the greatest of them all. / He crafted your sweet smile, / and He made your bright eyes too. / Can anything that God / has made compare to precious you?”  

Reaves points out the miracles of the ocean, sky, moon, stars, galaxies, and animals, but even against the backdrop of such God-given wonders, she declares, “But if I had to choose just / one to give my lifetime to, / I’d always pick to spend it with / the miracle of you. / Nothing else in this whole earth / or in the sky above could ever mean / as much to me as you, / my little love.”  

Illustrator Alejandra Barajas’s cheerful pictures accompany Reaves’s buoyant poem, offering young children a glimpse into the vastness of God’s creation and the immensity of a mother’s love for her child, love that one would hope all children could experience. (Thomas Nelson)


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