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You Are Only Just Beginning: Lessons for the Journey Ahead by Morgan Harper Nichols


Life is a journey of self-discovery. Until the day we leave this world, we will never completely stop learning about ourselves. This journey is also key to an exploration of God’s presence in our lives. As John Calvin famously stated, “Without knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God.” 

Some books, like the book of Psalms, help you achieve self-discovery and divine exploration. This recent title by poet Morgan Nichols is a modern book of Psalms that serve the same dual purposes. As the author says in the Introduction, “No matter if you are 2, 32, or 102, you are only just beginning, always on the brink of discovering something new.” She encourages readers to “choose to be present in each chapter of the journey.”

This book has 10 thematic sections covering adventure, people, connections, deeper insights, gifts, emotions, change, and self-forgiveness. The author shares moments when she is inspired by sunlight, elephants, the ocean, honeybees, guitars, lions, space, clay, and butterflies. With poems, spiritual messages, and vibrant artwork on each page, this book presents thoughtful reflections on love, perseverance, and life. (Zondervan)

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