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In this hilarious romp through the world of a small creature with big dreams, young children will meet Owl, who since the day he hatched has had one wish—to be a knight. Owl dreams of being brave, clever, and having many friends. His dream seems out of reach until calamity strikes the community; knights are disappearing from the castle and need to be replaced. Owl sees his chance. He applies to Knight School and is accepted! But though Owl studies hard, his minute stature causes problems when he has to carry a cumbersome sword and shield and as he has trouble staying awake during the daytime classes. Still, Owl’s persistence pays off, and he graduates with honors.  

Staying awake is no problem for Owl when he’s assigned to the Knight Night Watch. Finally, he’s a real knight! But one night, Owl is confronted with a situation and a creature beyond his wildest imaginings. Is all lost? Will Owl fail to protect the castle and himself? Not at all! Owl’s cleverness, bravery, and ability to make friends win the day.  

Author-illustrator Christopher Denise’s picture book, a Caldecott Honor Winner, is sure to delight children again and again. (Christy Ottaviano Books)


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