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Rodney Laughlin and Brendan Kennedy, Ph.D., have translated and edited The Readable Bible in hopes of reaching a different segment of the population. “Our hope is that people who never read the Bible will decide to read this version because it is so approachable,” Laughlin said in the preface. “Please give a copy to someone who struggles to understand the Bible and, especially, those who do not read the Bible.” This Bible has lots of charts, maps, and graphs particularly in the Old Testament. It also features a table of contents listing the Bible books in categories such as, for the Old Testament: “The History, Poetry and Major Prophets,” whereas the New Testament is listed as “The Gospels and Major Prophets”. 

This translation of the Bible is written in modern language. For example, The Readable Bible translates Proverbs 6:6 to say, “Go look at the ant, you lazybones; note its ways and become wise,” while the NIV states, “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!" (Iron Stream Media)


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