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A young girl’s mother doesn’t like to go camping, but the girl’s grandmother—Nana—does. The girl is thrilled when Nana convinces Mama to allow her to take the girl and her younger brother camping. Sprightly and enthusiastic, Nana is great at exploring, urging her grandchildren on: “We must climb that intriguing mountain! Explore the mysterious valley! Dive into the deepest sea!”  

Nana dispenses nuggets of wisdom as each day unfolds. When the girl is tired from hiking up a mountain and wants to quit, Nana urges her on, and, when they reach the peak and enjoy the amazing view, Nana says, “You would have missed this if you quit back there. Aren’t you proud of yourself, making it all this way?” As they float down the river on tubes, the girl comments on how peaceful she feels, and Nana says, “Always remember that dreamlike peace is just around the corner. We only have to make time for it.” After a fun-filled evening with fellow campers, the girl is sad to say goodbye to them, and Nana says, “Never forget ... there are tons of friends we have yet to meet. We just have to greet each new person with hope.”  

On the last night of camping, Nana and the girl sit outside and look at the vast display of stars. Nana says, “Always remember, precious girl, that even though the universe is really big, God holds it all in his hands, just like he holds you. He sees you and loves you even more than I do.”  

Illustrator David Hohn’s cheerful pictures and author Lisa Tawn Bergren’s affectionate narrative combine to celebrate the role grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s lives—helping them to engage God’s world with curiosity and wonder, pointing out to them important life lessons about relating to others, and teaching them about God’s unconditional love for them. 



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