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This guide is a great resource for church leaders who need to facilitate conversations about trauma. This leader’s guide is based on the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help. 

It begins with defining what trauma is, a theological discussion on why we suffer, what the trauma healing process looks like, and how to practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer and forgiveness when healing from past trauma.

In recent years, many churches have been shaken by news about sexual abuse. Not every church is equipped to understand the complex phenomenon of trauma or how to support people who have been traumatized. These working definitions about trauma and healing apply to a wide range of scenarios and will be helpful to those who work in church spaces. 

Designed for leading group discussions at church, each lesson begins with a personal story of a traumatic situation. There are guided questions and activities to keep a group engaged with the material. People also are encouraged to apply the takeaway messages to real-life circumstances. (American Bible Society)


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