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Young Tim is afraid of almost everything. In fact, he says, “Beyond the cave / of my cozy bed / there lies a world / that gives me dread.” He sees the shadows of fearsome animals where no such creatures exist. He’s scared of the moon, an owl, a typhoon, his running shoes, big kids, drama class, recess, and more.  

Tim knows he has to do something to conquer his fears, but what? He comes up with “a big plan, and I’m going to do it. / I’m becoming a tiger. That’s all there is to it.” At first it seems like the perfect solution. Nothing will scare him then. In fact, being a ferocious animal will give him numerous advantages. But soon Tim understands something that makes him reconsider his plan: “If I were a tiger, I’d lose all my friends. / They’d run away shrieking to the earth’s farthest ends.” Besides, Tim says, if he’s a tiger, his brother won’t want to play with him anymore and his parents won’t know what to say to him. Now, Tim is really worried: “I would be scary instead of all huggable. / I would be lonely instead of lovable.”  

What can Tim do now? The young boy remembers to pray to God: “I remember God loves me / and calms all my fears. / He holds my right hand / and dries all my tears.”  

Author Caroline Coleman’s whimsical, yet at times serious story and Nadya Bonten-Slenders’ cheery, playful artwork capture the experiences of young children as they learn to navigate their fears. If I Were a Tiger is an excellent resource for Christian parents and caregivers who want to teach children that they can bring all their anxieties to God because he cares for them (1 Peter 5:7). (WaterBrook)

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